•  THE       time to protect your laptop Is before it breaks.                 

    Broken lcd screen? Premature laptop failure? Why is this happening  ! 

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    • A laptop holder that Cools better than most USB Fan Models
    • Provides ergonomics And does no other cooler does.
    • Designed to Protect against the most common cause of LCD screen breakage.

     After replacing Hundreds of broken screens. I had to do what no one else would do make a protector that can prevent screen breakage guaranteed.      If your screen ever cracks from an impact and you are using a Lapkitty when traveling. We will provide The labor to replace it! Please see   Details HERE 


    • LCD screens break easily and cost $100-$400.00 to replace

    I set out to end the madness of outrageously costly screen replacement. To this day most laptops are still made with poor protection from top side impact. If you have seen as many needlessly broken screens as I and understood how the manufacturers still make huge profits from this situation you would NEVER travel with your laptop without the added protection of a Lapkitty.

    As an added bonus My design to Protect the screen from impact Also Provides Overheating protectionwith a flat or an inclined surface that cools better than laptop powered fan models.

    Back in the early days of laptops heat was exhausted to the rear and sides Air intake was also from the rear or sides Now most laptops intake air from the BOTTOM. what you do not realize is that by doing so if a person actually sets this on his/her lap they are BLOCKING the AIR Intake, again manufacturers do not stress this enough so no one really realizes it until it is too late, Blocked intake causes a huge amount of heat build up put your laptop on a couch or bed and you have practically NO cooling at all, which will lead to premature failure and all sorts of problems.

    Conspiracy ? I do not know but it sure is suspect to me if I wanted to sell more laptops

    If your screen breaks by the way have you EVER wondered why they are Sooo EXPEN$IVE when you can buy an entire 19" lcd for less than $130.00???  Strange to me too and I have been in the business for over 25 years.   In my opinion the best anyone can do is to use caution and a little common sense to PREVENT the screen from cracking and the machine from overheating.


    • Laptop holders that use fans DO NOT necessarily keep your laptop cooler           
    • Our Design is a Proven method that Lowers laptop temperatures  with inclined "Chimney effect Free air cooling" With NO Moving parts
    • Keeps you and your Laptop  Super COOL. SEE TEST RESULTS HERE. or read our testimonials.  NO FANS ARE NEEDED REALLY!
    • Keeps You comfortable Zero heat transmission 
    • Raises screen for Best viewing angle, Keys are inclined for easier typing.
    • Use on Lap table or in Bed for airplane use lies flat with area for mouse.


     This is no joke. Learn here what manufacturers prefer you did not know even if you never purchase a Lapkitty.....
  • You will find helpful info on how to keep your Laptop operating cooler longer safer.