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I have an e-machine laptop computer that after about 1/2 hour would get so hot that it would shut down completely. Today I brought it to you because I thought that the fan system was broken. You showed me that the fan was working and suggested that I buy your "lapkitty" which I did. At this moment the computer is up and running for more than an hour and the keyboard area and rear of the computer is cool to the touch. Before this I could not touch the area above the keyboard because of the extreme heat. I will come back to your shop to buy another "lapkitty" for my second and newer laptop. Again I thank you for your knowledge and honesty

Dr. Monroe Ruda















Fact #1 Fans Powered by your laptop do not Cool a Laptop without generating more heat!

WHY? The laptop must supply additional power to operate the fan!

This in turn only increases the load on the power supply which also adds additional internal HEAT  generated by the Power supply ! Heat in The area which the fan cooling does go down Only to cause more heat to be generated internally which lowers the component life of the laptop. 

Actual test results Fan cooling vs Non Fan cooling excerpted from Crave Mar 22, 2007






























Laptop Without cooling device

UNPOWERED Laptop Desk Without FAN

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The Lapkit is designed to take advantage of Natural Air circulation. A simple fact of nature is Hot air raises. When your laptop is flat the heat is not induced to flow UP in it's normal manner. Lapkitts provide the proper angle to take advantage of the "chimney effect" of hot air As the heat travels Upward this induces additional air to replace the upward moving air Resulting in Cooler Laptop operation of 10% to 20% cooler. WITHOUT FANS. 

If you MUST use a fan make sure it has its OWN power supply! Otherwise you defeat the advantage that a fan can make to aid cooling!


"We looked at a total of eight cooling options, rating each for its design, utility, and capability to keep laptop temperatures down. To test the thermal properties, we ran our grueling Multimedia multitasking test on a sample laptop--the popular Lenovo T60p--recorded the CPU temperature for each product, and compared it to the laptop's CPU temperature without any cooling assistance."